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Hiatus: Coming Off Slightly!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 3:31 PM

>> N A V I

hey everyone its been awhile!

Most of my house is complete with just a few more things to do that really will not be happening until springtime!

So i'm back, i won't be on fully as its the holidays, my boyfriends birthday is monday and still painting my livingroom but for the most part i'm back. 

Starting tuesday I'm going to be getting back into PKMNation and my commissions and Goatkins!

If there is a commission I have forgotten about please comment here!
No need if it was for a goatkin custom! I have those all lined up!


TDE - Tobias Application - Operator by TehZion
TDE - Tobias Application - Operator
 Skelt Counter




3 years of age


Swedish Vallhund x Welsh Corgi mix



Kind || Goofy || Flirty || Energetic || Detached || Scared || Walled-In || PTSD
Kind As simple as that is, Tobias goes about with the 'golden rule' from the human age in his mind. Treat others as you wish to be treated, in the hopes that others too follow that rule with him. His mind is dark and he wants as little of it as he can. With what he was seen and heard he feels as if he is polluted and wishes to try and wipe that from himself by being overly kind and giving to those who need it. Why make the already troubled world worse with sour feelings and harsh actions.

Goofy This goes hand in hand with his kindness. Tobias wishes to try and make Eden a lighter world than the one they had escaped from. Though the actual feelings of fun and carefree rarely actually sink in for him. But he feels better pretending so, or does he? Even Tobias is conflicted on this detail. He is sure if this was a different, less sickly time, he would be a fun bouncy little pup. It is not that time sadly, but everyone deserves a smile so Tobias tries to give those out as often as his conflicting nature allows!

Flirty Something deep inside causes this little boy to be a little flirtatious. Maybe just lonely? Seeking a light in the dark of the world? Something cheesy along those lines. Its usually in fun as he generally doesn't let those around him get close for his sweetness to become anything more. Deeply he does wish for closeness as most sentient beings do, but his own internal barriers keeps those out. Self-preservation would be Tobias' guess as to how he, himself is.

Energetic As his breed usually is, he bounces, plays and darts about. Need something done quickly? Just look to Tobias and his small tater tot legs (thanks Falconicide ) carry him easily between the legs of larger dogs around him. To burn the energy he generally wakes up early to run about the compound. Those little legs can move and pull him across the ground rather quickly!

Detached Similar the PTSD, living in the world of death and decay causes one to become detached as such. Although Tobias tries to fight through the sadness and hollow feelings that follow him around, its still there. The pup tries his best to hide this and does fairly well, only having moments of blank stares and cold words during stressful times. Even though the Corg-hund seems flirty, its more of an empty attempt to make others happy. He feels little.

Scared Who wouldn't be? He fears the outside of Eden and sometimes makes him sick to his stomach when thought about. Its actually why he decided to be an Operator! To overcome ones fear is to face it. Tobias didn't want fear to rule his life entirely so he faces it by helping those out in the wastes. Though fear is still there and he would surely shake himself loose from terror if he were caught out there. He will not let panic consume him just because he is afraid.

Walled-In Much like being detached in his emotions. He keeps the real Tobias hidden from others, and has never shown his fear and sorrow to anyone else and plans not to. He would rather them know him as the fun, seeming careless pup. So he built a wall to keep the weak and worried Tobias inside and his strong exterior laying impressions and hopefully keeping others smiling in the apocalyptic world.

PTSD Although post traumatic stress disorder shows itself in many forms, Tobias experiences a mild form that has seemed to stick with him since his fathers traumatic death. Rarely does he experience dilapidating attacks and often shows itself in night terrors or flashbacks.

As all the others around him now, he was Eden born. Though at the time he had a younger (by two minutes!) sister, who looked like a pure Corgi dog. His mother being the Corgi, his father a Vallhund. His father though was one that often went into the ruined world, though his mother would never tell him what his job was. He returned one day, crazed, though no bites appeared on his body. This sent his home block into fear as his father was taken away, were others infected? What about the two pups, or the bitch that welped them. As friends and other family lessened contact with the widowed Corgi and her two pups, it came to light that their father had his mask taken from him a month ago while in the ruined waste and breathed the death air, leading to his inevitable infection. It also became known he was banished, of course. Tobias and his sister Lilah knew this, but had never suffered anything like lose. Lilah grew silent and spoke to nearly no one once their father had been taken. She was always closest to their parents and it took her harder than even his mother, Haivyn. She mourned, knowing that her lover and father of her offspring was either dead, or would lose everything that was him as the infection took over. Tobias? He was sad, deeply and painfully, but saw the two dogs he loved so much in pain and began to build his wall.

He needed to be strong for them. Tobias felt, as the last male of their little family, he needed to be that and more for them. Haivyn was already an older dog when she gave birth to Tobias and Lilah, taking much of her strength. Though she did what she could, when Tobias was strong enough he found work to keep the family on their feet in Eden. Each failure and even success added more bricks to his wall as a young dog that should have been skittering after toys or his sister in play was doing all he could just to supply three bodies with food. As he grew, Haivyn aged, and Lilah still remained silent, refusing to speak to anyone. She too did not partake in play of any sort with puppies their age and would sleep away the day until Tobias came back. She would then be stuck to his side constantly. This served to reinforce his will and wall to be the strong member of the home.

Tobias soon became known as a good worker, and supplier for a family a pup should never have to maintain. He became an apprentice to one of the Operators and learned as much as he could and quickly. Though he feared the thought of dealing with the pollution of the world, even in an operators stand that was carved into the cave wall. But that wall he was building was far along and he forced himself to be strong and face this fear. And face it he did, daily. His large ears picking up noise and he soon became a solid and full stationed Operator. Becoming well known to those that dared to travel outside the safety of eden as the little grey Corg-Hund that needed a box to stand on and a customized headset to fit on his smaller head.

Time went on, as it does regardless of pain or ruin and Haivyn, his mother, grew sickly. His sister and him knew well what was coming soon and his sister often vanished for prolonged periods of time, still in her silence. Where she went, Tobias could not say as any attempt to follow her ended quickly with her vanishing through a crowd or something similar. But she would often return with scratches, bruises, or sore legs, with tufts of fur taken from her small body. He figured she had been frequenting taverns and such nightlife in attempts to drown away the pain they knew was inbound upon them. Then that day came, Tobias came home to a silent home and slipped in under the cloth door they hung from the front of their shack to provide a bit of privacy and there she lay. Still and already cold, his mother had passed and what looked like gently. Although flames of hurt licked up within him, he bowed his head and went to her. He licked her head a few times to make sure his fears and sat with her body for some time. He lost track of time after he laid himself against his sickly mother, but soon he shuffled himself onto his small legs and looked around. No Lilah, he figured it would be best to alert the correct dogs of his mothers death and seek her out.

Once a crew had been told that a body needed buried he took off to the harsher parts of Eden, seeking out Lilah. Tavern, bar, sleazy hangout spot after hangout spot he found no clue as to where his sister could be until he came upon a rather sly looking Afghan Hound who gave him some direction to find his muted sibling. Tobias made his way to a part of Eden he never had really bothered to frequent. Often a place of fighting for bets or other dark behavior, he found his sister. She lay panting and bleeding from a nasty gash across her muzzle. Tobias cried out for her and she peered at him, the hate in her eyes shattered what was left of his heart. He didn't care and made his way to her, though he did not go far before being barked at and a larger figure blocked out his view of Lilah. Tobias looked up into the hard face of a basenji mix that glared down at him. Although not much bigger, he still was and his torso was rippled with wiry muscles. He stepped back and peer around him at his sister. Tobias demanded to be let past but all the dog did was cackle and insult his sister. There was no one else around to help and panic flared in Tobias' chest. But soon that was taken over by something hotter, rage. This beast was assaulting his little sister, his silent sister, and he had no clue how many other times she had been in dire situations although she never came home with more than some bumps. That nose wound was deep and colored her cream and orange fur red. Suddenly Tobias knew what he had to do and he snarled his mouth of fangs at the Basenji. Another cackle was brought forth from the cove and he suddenly lunged at Tobias. With a yelp he bounded back but his vision was rippled with white of pain and blood soon made its way into his one eye. He pinched it shut and knew the dog had taken part of his ear, the basenji finalized that fact by spitting out the piece of flesh before turning and making his way back to Lilah. He could see the males intent and he acted quickly. Latching onto the meaty flanks with he teeth, Tobias felt blood rupture into his mouth and from there he lost all recollection of what happened. Blood lust took his memory.

When he woke he was being tended to by medics in a small tent. His ear was tightly bound and his head swam. Through grumbles and moans he tried to locate Lilah. Though there was no sign of his silent sister and her attacker. Her location is still unknown and the last lines of his inner wall fell in place and drive to find his sister burned horribly within him. Whether she is being hidden within the walls of their sanctuary, or if she was taken into the wasteland and was good as dead, Tobias thirsts to know. Lilah, the lost girl.

Quick Footed || Agile || Observant

Quick Footed
He is small, which could be a flaw but he has figured out to use it as a strength as well. He can dart and hide and escape before his enemy even knows it.

His small body makes it easy to take tight corners that bigger dogs have to take precious moments to maneuver.

Though his stature doesn't give him the best vantage point, he still takes in as much as he can.

Short || Odd Gait || Worried

That in itself, in this world, could kill a dog. Although he uses it to his advantage with quickness and agility, if he was dog vs dog evenly, his size would be a disadvantage.

Odd Gait
Do to his stumpy legs his run is more of a lunge and can be easily interrupted and hard to recover

He lacks combat training physically and especially mentally. He often overthinks things and misses an easy solution.

:bulletgreen: Acquaintance
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletpurple: Like Family/Family
:bulletyellow: Admire
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletred: Love
:bulletblack: Dislike or Fear
:bulletwhite: Dead

:bulletpurple: Lilah - Sister; location unknown, She has always been with Tobias. After the death of Tobias' father she attached herself to him. He tried to be the strong family figure for her and his mother. When their mom became ill she would go off, Tobias thought to just clear her head. Turns out she was turning to other outlets to take her mind off their family situation. Tobias found her being attacked by a slightly larger dog, he fought but doesn't remember what happened and when he woke both the attacker and his sister were gone. He has not seen her again.
:bulletpurple: Echo - Father; status unknown, confirmed infected and had been banished.
:bulletpurple::bulletwhite: Haivyn - Mother; deceased from general sickness

RP Example:
Tobias coughed as he sat alone in the small shed like building he and his family had called home for so long. The corners of his eyes were dark and stained with tears. He had no one now. His life had been devoted to family and only knew a few others in crossing, and now he was alone. His father somewhere in the wastelands, his mother dead now, and his sister gone from his reach. Daily he watched for her or her attacker as he did his work as an Operator. After he was relieved he walked nearly the whole damn town, trying his best to catch a glimpse of his cream and orange colored sister. His size didn't help him much, but he did what he could. He held the body of a Corgi, only reaching a foot at his shoulders, but his coloration was that of his fathers blood. Swedish Vallhund. He sighed as he stretched out his front legs to lay on the cold ground. His multi colored eyes looked around the empty home, another day gone without his sister or any leads at that. He huffed into the dirt that had collected on the floor of his home, stirring up a little cloud. Listening for any last sounds his ears twitched, although one showed less movement than the other. The bastard that did something with his sister had torn the fleshy part of his ear causing it to flop over ever so slightly near the top. There was not enough cartilage and flesh to give him the characteristic perk in that ear anymore. Settling down the rest of the way as he heard nothing he closed his eyes against the mist that was building in them and began to fall asleep.
PKMNation Advent Calendar Raffle (OPEN) by TehZion
PKMNation Advent Calendar Raffle (OPEN)
DISCLAIMER: this is not my image, Will upload one later! (i didn't have time to make one but wanted to get this up!

So on :iconpkmnation: I have a rediculous amount of pokemon that i will never be able to love. So I'm clearing until i can devote the time these pokemon deserve.
Whats that mean for you? 
A chance at pokemon that i purchased at the simple cost of a few tickets. I'd do i fully free advent but I'd like to recover a small portion of points spent.

Be kind, everyone will have a shot at each day if they buy enough tickets.
Do not be upset if you do not win, it happens.
Do not harass others who have won. If you want to approach them to purchase a won pokemon or something, be kind about it.

How this will work
There will be 25 Pokemon given away.
There will be 25 purchasable slots. 
I will start the advent on the 5th, the 1st - 5th will be drawn on that day, this gives people chance to join!
You can only win once! After that you're out!
To enter you must purchase a slot, each day a pokemon and a winner is announced. This means that each day is totally random. You do not pick one day, its all random but a guarantee of getting at least a pokemon! 

Want it cheaper? (i'm only doing five of these)
Post a journal/poll linking to this journal, and comment in the designated area below! Once you post the comment send over 200 :points: and you'll be entered!

The pokemon and winner will be announced for that day after midnight (so technically the next day, heh).

If you need something to be clarified just let me know!!


Prices of a Slot
400 :points:
200 :points: and a journal about the raffle or my profile in general

Pokemon up for grabs
Please view the "Advent Calendar section"


Winners circle
Day 1 - Fidrark - Munna/Sandshrew (Female) - BA 5 LVL 5 Clutch, Yellow one at bottom
Day 2 - KikiLime  - 8628 Dunnald (Dunsparce) - BA 12 LVL 38 Ref Image w/all links
Day 3 - Ashurst  -  8629 Kill Your Heroes (Fusion Girafarig) - BA 22 LVL 5 Ref Image w/ links
Day 4 - Argentkirin  - 
8651 Radioactive (Sandile) - BA 19 LVL 6 UWR || Radioactive
Day 5 - RedRoronoa8657 This is Gospel (Woobat) - BA 5 LVL 10 UWR || This is Gospel
Day 6 - TheNymphia8665 Hawlucha (Male) - Previously owned by Tiercels Buck


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